Main Principle - Congress must work together for us!

Time to return to the campaign for 2016! The candidates are starting to show interest in the local congressional race, and the public is keeping close watch on the Presidential candidates as well.

In the coming weeks I will be expanding on what I believe in so that you can choose the next congressperson based on what they can do for you, rather than rhetoric from a party platform that they may or may not believe in themselves.

So keep watch and I hope I can here from you about what you think needs to be done.
Thanks again

This is a work in progress.  I have no doubt that the content will continue to change between now and the November election, time permitting and when I have ideas to express.  Please comment and come back often to read (and hear) the new content as I respond with my thought about what is of concern to the people of California's 24th Congressional District.
My plan for this site is to look at the issues and not just present my views about them, but also explain why I feel this way.  

Some items will be relatively cut-and-dry and take little room to explain.  Others, like the budget, are likely to take considerable time and space to present as it has a large number of factors to deal with.

However, my intent is to present my views as clearly as I can, so that you can learn who I am and vote for me or not vote for me based on a clear position.  Any good political adviser would say this is a mistake, but I learned that complete honesty is generally the best policy, so you be the judge. 

Since I am trying to be clear on many issues, I am certain most people will find something to disagree with.  After all we are all individuals with differing beliefs.  I welcome your input if you find what I am saying is completely wrong.  At worst, we will agree to disagree.

But in the end, please vote as you feel you should based on everything you have heard from me and hopefully everything you have heard from the other candidates about their clearly stated beliefs and plans.

If you see any areas you would like to hear about, please email me and I will see how quickly I can represent my thought.

Thank you
Steve Isakson
I hope to present my thoughts in two different ways -- Text to read through and a video.  The content will be roughly the same for both, but some people are more likely to "listen" to one more than the other.

Also, as we all make typos and such, if you see any typos that I have missed, please email me so I can get them corrected.  I am afraid I tend to chuckle when I see typos on other websites.  I guess it is time for the shoe to be on the other foot.