Main Principle - Congress must work together for us!

Why am I Running?

There are many reasons, but here are a few:



1.    The Congress is dysfunctional

  • Instead of representing the district, the candidates tend to represent the party to which they belong and to the donors that far too often want favors in return.
  • Have they tried to balance the budget lately or do they tend to pass budgets that favor interest groups? When threatened with a constitutional amendment they have passed an ordinance to balance the budget, only to immediately ignore it once the threat was gone. We will see if any of the Convention of States efforts actually work.
  • What do they get done?
  • The two parties use to talk to one another at least after hours. While I am certain some of that still happens, it appears that they talk a lot less than before. I would think that if I did just brought some of the individuals together for a party, perhaps some of the gridlock would ease.
  • There are many smart people in Congress that want to work for the people they represent, but are too busy getting reelected and obeying their party leadership to get much done.



2.    The budget deficit is out of control.

  • If all discretionary spending was put to towards paying off the debt (which is an absurd thing to do, but it helps make the point), it would take over 15 years to pay off the debt.
  • We have had extremely low interest rates for quite a while now and much of our debt has been moved to low interest rate bonds. But still the interest on the debt is 230 Billion Dollars – 6% of the entire budget. The average interest rate appears to be about 1.2% currently. But we are finally in a time of gradually increasing interest rates. Between the rising debt and the rising interest rates, the interest on the debt will become a larger and larger part of the budget. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the White House has reported that they expect the interest on the debt to exceed the defense budget around 2021 due to the increasing interest rate.
  • We need to take control of thing now rather then returning favors to our favorite donors. This is not a situation that we should be passing on to our kids – but at this point they are going to have to deal with it. Perhaps we can save our grandchildren.


3. Campaigns are out of control with spending

  • Last election, the candidates for this district spent over $4M – and this does not include spending by PACs or the parties. This election, with no incumbent, the spending is expected to be much more. And most of the money comes from outside the district. That money is trying to buy influence.
  • Advertising is expensive. But you need to vote (the only real commodity in an election) for someone you think will do a good job for you and the district. Is the person telling you what they plan to do and how they will get there or are they just telling you what you want to hear without justifying how they can get there? What do their backers want? Their list of backers is at the FEC and accessible on the Web.
  • I will need money to help get my name out, but if you donate, be aware that you should do so because you like what I am saying – it will not buy direct influence. I will listen to anybody. I do not know everything. But I make up my own mind based on the needs of all the people of my district.


So why don't I run under one of the party banners. That would certainly be easier.

Simple – I do not agree with the party platforms (or actions) of either major party. And perhaps I can be more useful as a swing vote in closely contested votes.

The Republicans reduce spending, but then try to return the money mostly to there major contributors. Never to solving the debt problem. And certainly the Democrats have been spending the money without much concern about the debt increasing.


And you can find more disagreements looking further into this site. 


These are just some of the reasons I am running. I hope I have clearly expanded on these topics and more on this website. If you have more questions I can address for you or you want me to be more clear in what I am saying, please write. If you disagree, please let me know. Perhaps you can show me the error of my thinking.


I will certainly continue to refine and add to this website from now to election day. If you find a blank page, you know I am working on that. Putting out good explanations takes time. Just keep checking back to see how I am doing and what I have added.


But the most important thing if to vote in both June and November for the type of government you would like to see in the future.


Thank you!