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Congress must work for the People

Several decades ago, I happened to be in Washington DC to attend a conference related to my job at the time.  I also got a little time to play tourist and did the usual tourist things.  One of those things took me to the Capital Building and there I purchased a pamphlet that listed the members of Congress and in the back gave advice on how to write your Congressman.

The advice was blunt.  Keep your letter short and most important explain how your proposal will help the Congressman get re-elected.  The pamphlet explained that the main job of your Congressman is to get re-elected and that is why that has to be the main emphasis to the letter or it would be ignored.

Being young(er) and naive, I was taken back a bit as I have always thought of Congressmen as "Public Servants" and they were there to make life better for people.  In the decades since, it would appear that this get re-elected only mentality has continued to the point that it appears no one in Washington seems to feel there is anything wrong.

Well, I am not quite as young anymore, but I guess I am still naive, because I think that helping the people, particularly the people in your district (all of them without regard to their political affiliation) is the job of your Congressperson. If you do get re-elected, it should be because you are doing a good job for your electorate.

Once you elect me, my only job will be to work for what is best for the people of this district!