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Our immigration system is broken and as a nation we should have secure borders.

However, the vast majority of the 11 million illegal workers have been here for a long time and have integrated themselves into the communities they live in and are good neighbors. They live with their families which are often quite legal. There is no reason for these people to continue to live in the shadows. They need to be given legal status so that they will not have to live in fear of deportation and will be treated with the respect they desire.

As to the recent events in the district --those need to be examined closely for wrong doing. If the businesses were complicit in the illegals being there, as evidenced by underpaying or not withholding and paying taxes, then the business should be prosecuted. If there is no evidence of wrong doing, then perhaps the business did not know the workers were illegal.

The recent arson, if that is what it was, in Nipomo is clearly illegal and dangerous. I understand the neighborhood's concern about how crowded the houses might become and I could see the community wanting to have the plans changed. But arson was not the solution.

I do want to give the farm managers credit. They were proceeding legally under the H-2A program to hire and provide for workers (I believe the program is underutilized as only a small percentage of the farm workers come under the program). As a consequence, the farm managers were providing housing for the workers as required. Perhaps they could have discussed their plans with the community earlier to prevent the outrage, but I believe they have made other arrangements now that the two sides have talked.