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The Budget

Of the issues to be discussed, this is one of the largest to properly examine.  It is also one of the more important issues that a Representative must deal with for his district.  As such, this topic will be subdivided among several sub-topics. 

No one would suggest that we do not need a strong defense and forces that can be called upon to fight a needed battle anywhere in the world.  The budget must provide for that, but it does not need to be at pre-2012 levels when we were fighting multiple wars.

 Nor can we allow our infrastructure to crumble as it helps drive our economic engine and provides needed services.

 But the economy will become unsustainable and we will not be able to budget either of the above if we continue allowing the debt to grow.  It will take time, but we need to move toward balancing our budget and paying down our debt.  That will lead to a much stronger economy in the long run.

Some think that the imbalance in the budget is due to a spending problem.  Others think it is a revenue problem.  It is neither of those.  It is specifically the fact that the spending is greater than the revenue.

Yes, if spending is cut enough, the budget can be made balanced.  And, yes, if the revenues (taxes) are raised enough, the budget can be made balanced.  However, those ideas are putting the solution before defining the problem.  Either can bring the budget into balance (with consequences), but they do not analyze the problem and provide an optimized solution.

So let us look at the problem in more detail.

Federal Revenues

Non-Discretionary Spending

Discretionary Spending

Balancing the Budget

How to get there