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Federal Revenues

Thanks to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) we know the actual revenues (in billions of dollars) for 2015 were:

Individual income taxes 1,541
Social insurance taxes 1,065
Corporate income taxes 344
Other 299

Total Revenues 3,249

The Congressional Budget Office also projects the future of the budget.  The CBO projects revenues (in billions of dollars) for 2026 were:

Individual income taxes2,657
Social insurance taxes1,593
Corporate income taxes434

Total Revenues5,035

Later we will look at the real meaning of "Social Insurance Taxes" and the disparity between the Individual Income Taxes and Corporate Income Taxes in more detail.  However, briefly you might note that over this time period Individual Income Taxes increase by 72% while Corporate Income Taxes only increase by 26%.  Even Social Security Taxes increase is 50%.

For now this information is presented here to compare to the government spending.